WPF Works to Create Apps that give Visually Rich User Experience

Published: 21st February 2012
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Almost all companies as well as people depend upon rich plus interactive user interface and additionally use rich media for medium of information. Due to this, need of modern graphics and also interesting visualization has increased. For boosting various media content, regular Windows Forms depend upon additional resources and technology and each and every one has its own limitation. For this reason, one stop method is required. This article talks about Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation attributes plus the way in which they address the demands of latest age and the next era.


On a daily basis all of us develop new need in our applications or even web sites. The needs of current era involve strong user interface (UI), fantastic user experience, audio and video streaming, animation, 3D graphics, document support, typography so the list is never ending. WPF provides the core using a complete range of application-development attributes such as Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), controls, data binding, layout, 2-D and 3-D graphics, animation, styles, templates, documents, media, text, plus typography. WPF is integrated in the Microsoft .NET Framework, so ASP.NET developers can develop apps that consist of additional factors regarding the .NET Framework class library.

Windows Presentation Foundation

As Microsoft tried to offer a general platform for everything, it has developed single unified formula that includes all the previously mentioned issues. This sole formula is called Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Microsoft offers WPF as an up coming generation presentation system. The chief goal to introduce this system was to build applications which amuse consumers. Such rich user experience can't be reached by making use of typical Window Forms. WPF helps build each desktop as well as web apps.

An application with a number of media contents gets helped with the use of WPF. Multimedia, vector graphics, difficult animations plus content compositions are supported by WPF. Making use of WPF, it's easy to insert graphics, transition effects, sound plus video to your applications. WPF permits you to provide 2-D images on the surfaces of 3D shapes. When developers use WPF built-in animation properties, they are able to possess controls along with aspects which grow, shake, rotate plus fade. They are able to in addition establish some exciting page transition effects such as flapping book page and much more. WPF also has customized animation which lets developers design objects.

Not only confined to rich UI, WPF also provides integrated services for document display, packaging as well as protection. WPF enables development of fidelity content (paginated content, 2D/3D elements, images, media, hyperlinks, annotations, and other support content), comfortable access as well as readability which was not reinforced by conventional Windows Forms. WPF helps both fixed and also flow documents. Documents can be viewd in various modes, text searched, copied to clipboard, zoomed and also can paginated. If the readers are reading through a document, they are given the facility of annotation by WPF. This is achieved in the form of highlight and sticky note along with data anchoring and coordinating annotation features. Packages in WPF, is an excellent strategy to organize application info, document content, as well as connected tools in one container which is quick to access, portable, as well as simple to distribute. Moreover, authorized digital accreditations, package relationship and Microsoft Windows Rights Management (RM) are backed by Package service.

The class and functionality regarding text rendering have been improved by WPF which additionally offers typographic attributes. Major typography attributes are generally : OpenType CFF, TrueType, and OpenType fonts, better font support, innovative text app programming interfaces and enhanced international text. Plus, spell check, language guide line, automatic line spacing, animated text, and also bitmap and text effects are supported by WPF text engine.

WPF isn't an alternative of Windows Forms and both the platforms are not mutually distinctive. You can use WPF factors into existing app and appreciate WPF benefits little by little plus incrementally. In the same way, WPF also can employ unique attributes of Windows Forms. So, it leverages interoperability and code re-usability.


WPF is a subset of .NET Framework which are often placed in the System.Windows namespace. If perhaps C# Developers have earlier undertaken .NET development with .NET Framework working with managed technologies like ASP.NET and Windows Forms, the fundamental WPF programming experience should seem familiar. C#.NET developers instantiate classes, set properties, call methods, as well as manage events, all making use of .NET Framework programming language, such as C# and also Visual Basic.

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